Good Cleaning Habits for Your Carpets

Your carpets see a lot of action on a daily basis – shoes, bare feet, kids, pets, food, and everything else that you might track into your home. Even if you don’t notice, your carpets take the brunt of all of the living that happens. You might not realize just how dirty your carpets and rugs are, especially if they don’t “look” dirty. But – they are. And they need to be cleaned. It’s important to have good cleaning habits for your carpets. Here are some tips for keeping them fresh, clean, and stain-free.

You probably own a vacuum cleaner, and maybe even a spot cleaner (especially if your home includes children and/or pets); and you probably use these tools on a routine schedule. And you probably assume that your vacuum is getting all the dirt, food, and allergens that are trapped in your carpets. 

Professional carpet cleaners have more powerful equipment and products that are designed to extract far more dirt than regular vacuums and carpet cleaners. Your “over the counter” machines still work well for your daily/weekly cleaning, but you also need a routine “deep clean” to ensure that your carpets and rugs are free of excess dirt and allergens.

Professional cleaning also keeps your carpets in good condition longer. 

What is the magic number for professionally cleaning your carpets? The suggested average time frame is every 12 months. However, there are other factors to consider that might increase or decrease this schedule:

👉🏼 How much traffic do your carpets see?

👉🏼 Do you have pets? Dogs? Cats? How many?

👉🏼 Do you have children? 

👉🏼 Do you have allergies?

👉🏼 Do you have light or dark-colored carpets?

👉🏼 Do you smoke?

Answering “yes” to any of the questions above indicates that your carpets may need to be professionally cleaned more frequently. High-traffic areas see more dirt than rooms that are not lived on often. 

Pets and children both lead to more stains, dirt, and allergens left on the carpets. Multiple pets mean more hair that can be trapped in the carpet fibers. People with allergies are more sensitive to dust, dirt, allergens – cleaner carpets also mean cleaner air in the home. 

And lighter colored carpets will “show” stains and dirt easier than darker and patterned carpets. The shade of your floors can also determine the timeframe for professional cleaning. And, of course, smoke affects fabric in homes – this includes the carpet. 

Instead of 12 months, you may need your carpet to be professionally cleaned every 6 to 8 months. A carpet cleaning professional will be able to help you create a schedule that will ensure cleaner carpets, better air quality in your home, and extended life for your floors. 

Having Good Cleaning Habits for Your Carpets is one of the best ways to maintain their appearance and prolong their life. You can do this yourself by following these simple steps.

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