Carpet Cleaning Before or After the Holidays?

If you’re a responsible carpet and upholstery owner, you might be debating whether you should have your carpets cleaned before or after the holidays. As your local carpet cleaning service in holiday, we’re here to answer that question for you!

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning BEFORE the Holidays

If you’re hosting guests during the holidays, carpet cleaning before is a surefire way to get rid of odors and stains. When family or friends visit from out of town, you want your home to look beautiful and welcoming! Hiring a professional to clean your furniture and upholstery will allow your home to be fresh and clean when family and friends visit. Avoid holiday stress by allowing our carpet cleaners in Pleasanton, Livermore, and San Ramon to expertly clean your upholstery and carpets while preserving the integrity of the colors and fibers. 

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning AFTER the Holidays

However, carpet cleaning after the holidays can be just as beneficial for several different reasons. When you’re finished hosting family and friends for the holiday season, it’s likely that every inch of carpeting in your home will be covered in footprints. Plus, after Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, there is certain to be odors lingering in the carpets and furniture. Instead of trying to get rid of these smudges yourself with a vacuum – which won’t do much – why not try a professional carpet cleaner?

Carpet Cleaning Service In Holiday Season

THE ANSWER: Both Before AND After – Or Whichever You Prefer!

Whether you hire a carpet cleaning service before or after the holiday season begins, you can be sure to get maximum results. Our carpet cleaning services will help you choose the best timing that works for your schedule!  For carpet cleaning before the holidays, we can be there to clean your carpets and upholstery for a fresh start. Conversely, if you have already had company over during the holidays and want carpet cleaning after those celebrations are finished, our carpet cleaners will provide you with excellent service. Rest assured that the lingering stains, spills, and odors from the holidays will vanish completely.

Why Should I Choose a Professional Instead of Doing It Myself?

Professional carpet cleaning near me can help you get your carpet looking as good as new. Professionals use a variety of solutions to lift dirt and stains from your carpet fibers, allowing it to dry faster. This means that the carpet will be ready much sooner for visitors! Try finding an upholstery cleaner near you, especially if you have any antique, valuable, or delicate furniture upholstery or carpeting.

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