Hiring A Residential Carpet Cleaning Professional: 5 Questions You Need To Ask

Cleaning your own carpet can be difficult, especially if it’s of considerable size or delicate fabric. It can also be tedious and time consuming, which is why it’s better to call in a residential carpet cleaning professional. These are men and women trained to clean your carpet in the quickest and most-effective way possible.

But before signing a contract, you want to make sure you’re working with the best possible professionals in regards to your situation. Here are five crucial questions you should ask a carpet cleaning technician before agreeing to work with them.

1. What cleaning method/s do you use?

Follow-up questions: are there any chemicals involved? Will they damage my carpet?

Hiring A Residential Carpet Cleaning Professional: 5 Questions You Need To AskThere are several residential carpet cleaning methods commonly used by technicians. The “best” method depends heavily on the carpet’s size and fabric, but a bit of personal preference can come into play as well. The five most common approaches are: hot water extraction (which is one of the most highly recommended methods), dry carpet cleaning, foam encapsulation, carpet shampooing, and bonnet (or surface) cleaning.

Your carpet cleaning professional should be able to explain the process and benefits of each method.

2. Do you offer free estimates?

Follow-up question: can I get that in writing?

Most residential carpet cleaning companies offer a free quote or estimate for the job. This should help immensely when you’re narrowing your choices down, especially if you’re using price as one of the deciding factors. Although most companies offer the quote over phone, some are willing to write down the job estimate as well so that you have something to refer to later on.

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3. Are you bonded and insured?

Follow-up question: are your technicians insured, too?

Even if carpet cleaning seems like a simple, straightforward task, there are too many unknown variables to take risks. You want to make sure the carpet cleaning company you choose has bonding and insurance in the eventuality of carpet or furniture damage. You also want to make sure their technicians are insured. In the off chance that they get injured while working in your home, you don’t want to be held liable for whatever happens to them. Even if it’s just carpet cleaning, safety is still paramount.

4. Are your technicians certified?

Certification means that the technician handling your carpet has received extensive education and hands-on training regarding cleaning carpets. The best certification comes from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IIRC). An IIRC-certified carpet cleaner is one of the best, which means you should definitely prioritize companies with certified technicians over ones that don’t.

5. Have you handled cases like mine before?

Follow-up questions: have you successfully cleaned carpets like mine before? In your experience, how long will it take my carpet to dry?

This question is basically gauging the carpet cleaner’s experience. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving fresh new technicians a chance, you might feel a little better knowing the one cleaning your carpet is already familiar with the size and fabric—especially if your carpet is a little on the antiquated side. If they can provide references, previous photos, or testimonials from satisfied clients, make sure to check those out.

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