Top 5 Gift Ideas to Compliment Carpet

If you or a loved one has carpet installed, the impact on the room’s visual profile is dramatic. But it’s important to know how to match that carpet with other pieces of decor for a cohesive look and feel.

We’ve put together this guide on five great home decoration gift ideas — to gift either a friend or yourself — in a way that will compliment the carpet in the space.

How to Give Gifts to Compliment Carpet

When trying to pick out a home decor gift to match with carpet, there are a few things that you need to consider.

First, think about the color or pattern of the carpet — will the decor match? Make a natural combination? Be a pleasing contrast?  If it’s a heavily patterned, multicolored carpet then opting for more bohemian-inspired, eclectic items may be the right choice.

Second, consider the style and profile of the carpet — is it shaggy? Made with a loop or cut pile? If it’s a more lush carpet, then more luxuriant decor would work better, while a lower-profile carpet should be surrounded by subtler pieces.

#1: Throw & Area Rugs

A throw rug is a perfect choice for adding a touch of character to a carpeted floor, breaking up the color and fiber style of the floor. If you’re working with a thinner carpet in a color such as beige, a nice shaggy gray-blue rug is perfect for creating some more distinct zones in the floor plan.

#2: Soft Furnishings

While the big ticket items of the living room, such as sofas, chairs, and a coffee table are likely to be in place already, soft furnishings such as blankets and pillows are a great choice for accentuating the color and style of the carpet.

#3: Artwork

Matching the visual style and color of the carpet with a piece of art that contrasts nicely with the wall is a great way to foster the cohesive visual profile that you’re looking for. Also, art is an amazing housewarming gift, showcasing a degree of thought and personal connection.

#4: Trinkets

Trinkets and kitschy decorative items don’t work in every living room, but if the carpet is boldly patterned with bright colors, why not? Match that energy with some fun Russian Nesting Dolls, Chinese Meditation Balls, or something else you picked up at a market on holiday.

#5: Houseplants

Now, this might sound risky with carpet, but as long as you know and share the information on how to keep your floors safe from damage, houseplants are a great complementary element for a carpeted room. Natural greens and leafy shades go especially well with sandier, woodier carpet colors.

Final Thoughts

Whether giving a gift to a friend or treating yourself, it’s the thought that counts, and matching a home decor gift to the carpet in a home demonstrate a lot more thought than goes into most gifts. For more interesting pieces and information about carpeting and home decor, visit our website today.