5 Gift Ideas to Complement a Hardwood Floor

With stunning natural grain and wood patterns, a hardwood floor is a gorgeous base level for your home, giving you an easy-to-clean surface to position furniture on. Whether you’re celebrating a recent move for a loved one, or simply getting yourself a home decor gift, it’s important to know which items will complement wood flooring effectively.


Soften it up with a Rug

A wood floor living room is a thing of beauty, but purely hardwood floors can feel a little stark and under-decorated. A nice rug is a great way to soften up the visual profile of the room, while also creating a sense of zoning and making the most of the space. When choosing a rug, make sure to pick something with a lush amount of fabric and in a color that contrasts nicely with the wood’s color to make sure it stands out.


Accentuate Its Natural Look with Plants

Wood is already a step in the right direction if you’re trying to create a sense of biophilia in your home. Bring in some low-maintenance houseplants to accentuate the natural qualities of a wood floor, while also oxygenating the room and benefiting your mental health!


Add More Wood Features

In the realm of home decor gifts, you can go big or small, but if you’re buying to complement a hardwood floor, consider purchasing some quality wood furniture as a gift. This could be a side table next to the sofa, a coffee table for the center of the room, or even some extra chairs. Be creative — maybe you’ll choose to match the furniture with the floor’s wooden tones, opt for painted pieces, or select a wood with a different visual profile to that of the floor.


Craft Industrial Appeal with Metallic Features

Especially suitable for loft apartments or open spaces, some metal features, such as floor lamps, repurposed containers as tables and stools, or even some metallic wall hanging pieces can be great for fostering an industrial decor style. With the wooden flooring, these kinds of features stand out to create a strong visual profile.


Play it up with Bright Accessories

Use trinkets, artwork, painted wooden elements, and more to brighten your space — and make sure you’re choosing vibrant colors! This will help to liven up a space that may feel dominated by wooden flooring.


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of choices that you can make when buying pieces to complement a hardwood floor, whether buying for yourself or for a friend. Another great gift could be a professional cleaning, which we can perform at Legacy Carpet, so check out our website to learn more about that!