The Carpet Legacy – Where Our Roots Begin

Legacy Carpet & Upholstery has a long history of serving its community – it’s even part of the slogan/logo: “The Next Generation of Clean.” We pride ourselves on being a special company with rich family ties that go back over 40 years! This is especially amazing since many family-owned businesses only average about 25 years before closing their doors. Even with all that has happened on the world, the nation, and the economy – the legacy that Legacy Carpet & Upholstery is built on has endured. 

In the Beginning

Our carpet legacy begins with Cary Adler (Josh Adler’s father), who got his start cleaning carpets in Detriot. Cary moved to California in the ‘80s and begin working for 4-Star Carpet Cleaning. By 1985, he owned 50% of the business; within 10 years, Cary became the full owner of 4-Star Carpet Cleaning. 

Another change that happened with the carpet business in 1995 is that Cary added restoration services: water, fire, mold remediation, and construction. He loved the idea of helping people restore their homes. He liked to say that he was in the business of cleaning and restoring homes and lives.

The Next Generation

Josh’s initial experience working in the family business was far from glamorous – he swept the parking lot and helped with expense reports and receipts. It was grunt work, but he was also learning all the parts that come with owning a business. 

Throughout high school, he worked after school and during the summer break to learn the skills of the trade. Josh was also learning how to carry on this legacy so that what his family built wouldn’t end with his parents’ retirement. Josh went from being a helper on the trucks to being a crew chief. He worked his way up to running the carpet and upholstery division after graduating from high school. 

In 2012, Cary Adler retired from the business he built up for so many years and handed the reins to his able, experienced son. From that business, Legacy Carpet & Upholstery was created. In a way, Legacy Carpet was a new company; however, it came from the long-established reputation and heritage of Four Star Cleaning and Restoration. In fact, the logo for Legacy Carpet & Upholstery includes four stars!

Since 2012, Legacy Carpet has upheld the service and stature created by <Cary> but has also forged its level of excellence and established a new and enduring legacy that is not just about cleaning carpets, but helping people and doing the right thing always. Much more was passed down to Josh than simply skills and a business model, and it’s those principles that will continue to carry this business forward.