Reasons to Avoid Using Consumer Pet Stain Removers in Dublin

avoid using consumer pet stain removers

Pet stains and odors have a strong reputation for being hard to remove from soft surfaces like carpet, rugs and upholstery. Home carpet cleaning recipes and consumer stain removers can only do so much, and trying to remove tough stains yourself very often causes other problems that can’t be undone. Here are the best reasons to avoid using consumer pet stain removers and call a pro for help instead.

You Could Worsen The Problem

Many carpet cleaning solutions contain chemicals that don’t play well with certain types of fabric. There are many different carpet and upholstery cleaning formulations available, and not knowing which one to use can end badly. Not only can the knap and/or color of fibers be permanently visually altered, but odors can actually be worsened by adding a foul chemical smell into the mix.

Want to Avoid Using Consumer Pet Stain Removers on Your Carpet?

The cleaning pros at Legacy Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning have pets, too, so we’re well-acquainted with the occasionally organic pet stain in our own homes. Whether your setting is residential or commercial, our teams are carefully trained to select the right cleaning solution for each stain and which brush technology to use without damaging fibers. Whether your pet has soiled an area rug, carpet, vinyl plank floor or even tile and grout, contact us for prompt and effective help.

Avoid Using Consumer Pet Stain Removers in Dublin

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